The Spy of the Heart
1 : Of Spies & Rogues
2 : He is with you...
3 : The Great Buddhas
4 : Recollections
5 : A Broken Peace
6 : The Salt of the Earth
7 : With Friends Like This
8 : An Ill Wind
9 : What the Devil...
10 : Not by Bread Alone
11 : A Loss of Face
12 : The Water of Life
13 : Shades of Mercy
14 : Afterword
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45 color photographs, several sketches, and 3 maps.

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Upcoming Events

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Past Events

February 16, 2009, An interview with Wendy McLaughlin on Sufi Radio
Robert Abdul Hayy Darr talks about his book, Afghan culture and Sufism with Wendy McLaughlin on KWMR, Sufi Radio.
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July 8, 2008, by Temenos Academy at the Royal Asiatic Society, London
Abjad: the Numerological Language of Spiritual Insight and Guidance as Employed in Sufism.
Transcript (PDF)

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